With the river in place, I started working on creating a waterfall.  One of the best ways to do this is a technique that I got from Kathy Millatt.  She has 2 great video’s on creating a waterfall.  I used this one, Weir Video.

So first of, I got some cling wrap and cut a piece long enough to fit my waterfall.
 photo DSC_0063.jpg
I put this onto an old mousepad, so that it will work a bit better.
To get the water effect, I use some Bostik Home Silicone Sealant, the clear one.
 photo DSC_0064.jpg
Draw a horisontal line of silicone across the cling wrap. Using a tooth pick then draw lines vertically. Best way to follow is to watch the video on how Kathy does this. Keep this up until the whole piece of cling wrap is covered in silicone.
 photo DSC_0065.jpg
I then glued the top into place, where the waterfall will begin. I used one of the epoxy bottles here to give the cling wrap so elevation until the glue dried.
 photo DSC_0066.jpg
After the glue dried, I lower the bottom piece into place. I had to cut it a bit to get it to fit nice and snug into place. Using some more silicone on the back of the cling wrap to glue it into place. At the top of the waterfall, I created a starting point for the waterfall by placing a heap of loose gravel, bought from the hobby shop. Mixed up a little bit of epoxy resin and poured it over the gravel to keep it into place and to give it the effect of water flowing. With some Woodland Scenics bushes to give it a bit of colour.
 photo DSC_0067.jpg
Using some white acrylic paint, diluted in a couple of drops of water, I gentle streaked the paint across the silicone/cling wrap. This is just to give the waterfall some volume. I then just dabbed the brush with some more paint at the bottom of the waterfall for some more effect.
 photo DSC_0084_1.jpg
You can use some of Woodland Scenic’s Water Effects, but they are a bit expensive!!


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